We know how challenging it can be when you get ready to begin selling handmade jewelry. You go to all of the big websites like Etsy and even Amazon’s new “Handmade at Amazon,” and you sort of freeze up. After all, how on earth are you going to compete with so many people? And some of these folks are clearly champs at selling handmade jewelry, so how can you possible reach their levels of success?

Even more overwhelming is that you might see some designers and jewelry makers with similar looks and designs, and you wonder if you are going to have something unique enough to grab buyers’ attention.

Well, while we won’t lie and tell you it is just so easy or simple to get started selling handmade jewelry online or in the real world markets, we can tell you that there are some effective tips we can share. While there are some fairly standard and savvy tactics to use (such as investing in specialized software designed specifically for those designing and making jewelry, which is a “must have”), there are also some lesser known tactics that can get you off to a great start selling handmade jewelry.

Become an Expert

We don’t mean that you should set aside your career or ambitions as a designer and seller of handmade pieces to study the art of jewelry making or marketing. What we mean is that you can give yourself a competitive edge by positioning yourself as an expert on something relating directly to your jewelry. For instance, in the “brick and mortar” world you can give lectures in local libraries about the history of jewelry, the materials you use, or anything that will allow you to spotlight your designs. Online you can do much of the same things, but you can use sites like LinkedIn, and social media to “lecture” via blogs and articles.

When all roads point back to your designs, you will find that selling handmade jewelry is easier when you are an “expert” in something relating to your work.

Tell a Story

You hear this a lot in the world of marketing, and it can be difficult for someone who is more interested in making and selling handmade jewelry to also put on their “marketer” hat and try to figure out how to incorporate a story into their sales. However, anyone can do it by simply visualizing the process.

For example, the design of your website, sales pages, blogs, and photographs of your pieces should have a unified theme. The same fonts, colors, and images must link them together. The choices you make should be based on the actual designs – what inspired you? Who are they made to appeal to? What mood does the jewelry create? Figure out how to visually tell the story of your work using only photos, colors, and graphics. Then keep the verbal storytelling as brief and as direct as possible. Make sure you choose words that are expressive and give all of your jewelry designs names and personalities that tie directly to the storyline.

Remember to use these same storytelling tactics if you are limiting your sales to real-world venues. You can create printed materials, displays, and shows that use the same themes, moods, and designs. Have fun with the storytelling, and you will see much more success when selling your jewelry online or in the real world.

Lastly, always remember that selling your jewelry is about connecting with your intended audience. Today’s buyers want a true connection with the manufacturer – and that is true whether it is a massive corporation or a handmade jeweler. Be available, be in touch, and be unique, and you will enjoy success.


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