Sell Jewelry Online with Shopify and Jewelry Designer Manager

Jewelry Designer Manager makes it easy to export all your jewelry into your Shopify Store.

Shopify makes it easy for you to build and manage your online store!

How to Sell Jewelry Online with Shopify!

Simple Interface

In JDM Premier Plus you can easily export some or all of your pieces using the Report form. Category, piece name, Item#, description, size, prices and number in stock will be included.


Upload your Jewelry to Shopify

Use the Shopify Importing tool to import all the data from the export file. In a few minutes you will have all your pieces uploaded.


Easily Manage Your Pieces in Shopify

View all your new pieces on the Shopify Product page. You can upload images and make any changes easily.


Selling Jewelry Online

Build your brand and increase your profits with your jewelry ecommerce store. Look like a Pro with Shopify!



I support myself and family by making jewelry. I rely on Jewelry Design Manager for pricing and inventory control. Because of JDM I have been able to organize my inventory to a greater degree than any other time in the 86 years my family has made jewelry. I have used JDM for many years and have been able to start slow and build my existing business around JDM so that the learning curve was flat and ability of an old established business to computerize was slow and easy. I utilize JDM everyday and price all my pieces through it. Barbara Carleton has always, always, been very helpful and timely in helping me with any and all questions. I don’t know what I’d do with out JDM and Barbara and cannot recommend it enough. Sam Patania

S Patania Jewelry

I’ve been a jewelry artist since 1976 and I wish it had been possible to have a program like this when I first started. I can’t imagine running a jewelry business without it now. It’s become the foundation of everything I need to do in terms of tracking parts, pieces, vendors, customers, retail stores and more. It is by far, the best system for keeping organized.

I’ve been using this software since it first became available and made my way up from the basic program, to Deluxe and now JDM Premier Plus. Not only does it grow with the times and technology, but the support and customer service are unsurpassed. If you are serious about your jewelry – professional or hobbyist – this is a ‘must have’ software program. I highly recommend it.

Nancy Troske


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