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Jewelry Designer Manager Reviews



Jewelry Designer Manager Software Reviews

I support myself and family by making jewelry. I rely on Jewelry Design Manager for pricing and inventory control. Because of JDM I have been able to organize my inventory to a greater degree than any other time in the 86 years my family has made jewelry. I have used JDM for many years and have been able to start slow and build my existing business around JDM so that the learning curve was flat and ability of an old established business to computerize was slow and easy. I utilize JDM everyday and price all my pieces through it. Barbara Carleton has always, always, been very helpful and timely in helping me with any and all questions. I don’t know what I’d do with out JDM and Barbara and cannot recommend it enough. Sam Patania

Samuel Frank Patania Jewelry

I’ve been a jewelry artist since 1976 and I wish it had been possible to have a program like this when I first started. I can’t imagine running a jewelry business without it now. It’s become the foundation of everything I need to do in terms of tracking parts, pieces, vendors, customers, retail stores and more. It is by far, the best system for keeping organized. I’ve been using this software since it first became available and made my way up from the basic program, to Deluxe and now JDM Premier Plus. Not only does it grow with the times and technology, but the support and customer service are unsurpassed. If you are serious about your jewelry. a professional or hobbyist this is a ‘must have’ software program. I highly recommend it. Nancy Troske

Nancy Troske Jewelry

After a few years of starting Laura Tanner Jewelry in 2006 and trying to track all my designs and inventory on Excel (and yellow legal pads!), I discovered JDM online and decided to give it a try. Almost seven years later, I am still using JDM software daily, and it is a critical component in keeping my business running efficiently and profitably. Although the initial task of entering several years worth of raw material purchases and customer invoices into the system was a major undertaking, ultimately it was so worthwhile and has helped me grow my business exponentially. Now we enter purchases and sales as they come in, and it is so helpful to have accurate and up-to-date data. In particular, it has been critical in helping me create precise and profitable pricing for both wholesale and retail customers. After a few years, I decided to integrate the Dymo label printer from JDM, and it has been a huge time saver when tagging pieces for retail shows and labeling bags for shipments to wholesale customers. At shows, other designers often ask me where I get such professional price tags and I always refer them to JDM. The JDM invoices are also invaluable in presenting professional and organized sales records to customers and wholesale buyers. Moreover, when preparing for sales and income taxes, the JDM reports and QuickBooks integration are incredibly helpful. Last, when I have had rare glitches or questions about JDM, Barbara is always quick to respond and very resourceful and patient on the phone. I would highly recommend purchasing JDM software to anyone starting a jewelry business or looking to get organized and take his or her existing business to the next level. Laura Tanner

Laura Tanner Jewelry

I simply love Jewelry Designer Manager!!! It is wonderful software, super user-friendly and does it all you would require for your business from inventory management to barcoding to making beautiful line sheets and invoices & memo with images. Also the customer service we get for this software is simply amazing. I can’t brag enough for Barbara, the creator of the software who is always on top for taking care of her clients requests and getting it all done right away. Simply I love JDM and would highly recommend this software to all. It is simply wonderful and I totally love it. Puja Bordia


Fantastic software! In addition to being jewelry designers, we also donate 20% of all our proceeds to Ben Towne Foundation for Pediatric Cancer Research, so we were getting a tad overwhelmed with reporting and being able to successfully figure our our cost structure. JDM is simply the easiest way for us to manage our inventory, design costs, and generate reports. We were sinking in vendor receipts and materials and your software was the life preserver we needed.  Kudos on such a stellar application! Kim Caron

Kim Caron Designs

Jewelry Designer Manager is a great industry-specific software that has grown with my business from the time I started as a part-time hobbyist over 10 years ago. At that time I made beaded jewelry which I sold at farmer’s markets and an occasional art show. Now I am a full-time silver and goldsmith participating in 24 juried art festivals annually and selling to 50+ art galleries. JDM has kept the bookkeeping portion of my business simple so that I am free to spend more time doing what I love -designing jewelry! Shelli Kahl

Shell Bell

In 2003 my sister, Lisa Peterson and I began our jewelry design and manufacturing business, Laurie and Lisa Designs. Almost at the onset Lisa (who is also an attorney) suggested that we purchase the JDM program. I contacted JDM and was immediately impressed by the incredible knowledge and support provided by Barbara Carleton. She is truly the most wonderful vendor that I have ever worked with. In 2009 my business computer crashed and I lost much of my JDM. Barbara worked with me and my IT person to resurrect as much of it as possible. Her calm, supportive demeanor, coupled with her great knowledge of the program, literally saved my business! I cannot recommend JDM enough to any and all jewelry designers! Laurie Wetterschneider

Laurie and Lisa Designs

One of the best business decisions I ever made was to purchase Jewelry Design Manager Pro in 2004 and upgrade to Deluxe a few years later! Among other things, this application easily allows me to control costs, manage inventory, determine prices, print labels, and create invoices and catalogs. Being able to run reports and export them to Excel has saved me so much time on so many occasions. My customers are impressed when I know exactly what they have previously purchased and can remake a lost earring (using the photo associated with each item). Also, Barbara’s customer service is unparalleled. Without hesitation, I highly recommend this program to anyone that has a crafting business! Sherry Chaples

Jewelry Designer Manager is one of the first pieces of software I purchased for my business almost 10 years ago and it’s become absolutely indispensable to the way I do business. I literally could not run this business without this piece of software. All the other programs I use (email, accounting, word processing, spreadsheets) have other options that I could use if needed. But nothing else does what Jewelry Designer Manager does for me.

  • It keeps track of exactly what I have invested in a work for both materials as well as time. It’s so easy to underestimate the costs of a piece, but this software keeps you honest. Which really helps to keep you in the black! No more ball-parking prices only to discover that you’ve been underselling your work.
  • Because you know your prices are fair I find it’s much easier to resist the “but is that really your best price?” customers and stand your ground.
  • The inventory reports make my accountant love me. Seriously, she tells me that many, much larger business cannot provide her with reports that not only tell what inventory (both in pieces and finished work) is on hand, but also what it is worth.
  • The Quickbooks integration is awesome! I can export my wholesale invoices to Quickbooks and I don’t have to keep inventory information in there at all. All of my price and inventory information can stay in one place – Jewelry Designer Manager. No double data entry anymore!
  • Because this software has an Access back-end, if you know enough about Microsoft products to be even a little dangerous, it’s easy to pull the information out of Jewelry Designer software into Excel or other programs so you can streamline your other administrative work processes.

I tell all of the people who come to me for advice, if you are serious about your business, you really need to invest in this program! Tahmi DeSchepper


I just finished putting together a shop on Etsy, and I want to say that I couldn’t have done it without Jewelry Designer Manager. JDM is an amazing piece of software, and you can consider me customer/client for life. This process would have been a complete headache without JDM.  JDM helped me make the transition to wholesale FLAWLESSLY with the built-in pricing structure. I cannot thank you enough. Tamry Gentry

Gentry Design Company

I absolutely love this software! In 2011, I made the switch from interior designer to jewelry artist. The first question I had was, what is the best way to keep track of all my components and finished pieces? I discovered the answer in Maire Loughran’s book – How to start a home-based Jewelry Making Business. In the book, Maire mentions the Jewelry Designer Manager software. To start out, I purchased The Jewelry Designer Manager Pro and currently have the Deluxe version. Today, I have used it to track everything, from parts purchases, finished pieces, and sales. It makes every aspect of doing business easier. One task in particular, counting cost of goods sold for tax purposes, is a breeze. I could not imagine trying to figure it out without this software. Also, pricing is an issue for me because I tend to under value my work. The program keeps me from doing this by calculating exactly what the cost should be. Their customer service is top notch as well. I’ve gotten immedia te responses on start-up questions, transferring the program to a new computer, or just general questions on how to use the program. I consider the JDM software to be one of the most important purchases for someone who is serious about starting their own jewelry business. I am a very satisfied customer and will soon be upgrading the Premier version! Carol Dekle-Foss

Terra Rustica Design

I just don’t know how I could manage my inventory without this software. Thank you for offering a user friendly (with all the bells and whistles) software program!! Your customer service is awesome!! Great turn around time! Susan Walz

DreamBelle Designs

Your company and customer service is number one. I have always been surprised how quickly I get a response if I do have an issue, which is rarely. I will continue with your product as long as I’m making jewelry. Linda Wharton

Ancient Elements Designs

This process would have been a complete headache without JDM–JDM helped me make the transition to wholesale FLAWLESSLY with the built-in pricing structure. I cannot thank you enough. Tamra Gentry

Gentry Design Company

One of the best business decisions I ever made was to purchase Jewelry Design Manager Pro in 2004 and upgrade to Deluxe a few years later! Sherry Chaples

I bought the Jewel Manager Pro and I wasn’t sure what I was getting but thought I would try it. I love it! This program is very easy to use and easy to modify to my needs. I love the idea of keeping my inventory and assembly instructions along with pricing info. This is the only testimonial I have every written because this is such a good product. The service is also excellent and fast and for me, service is as important as the product. Good job Bejeweled Software! Cheryl Rivera

Ryca Designs

I purchased JDM Deluxe when I started my business in 2008. It did more than I imagined, enabling my business to expand with ease. Tech support is excellent and its a pretty intuitive program to learn – no training necessary. I wouldn’t switch to anything else and have recommended it to countless people. Anna Ruth Henriques

When I started selling my handmade jewelry in 2007, I quickly saw that I would need some software to help me take care of the business end of things so I could spend more time in the studio. Fortunately, it didn’t take me long to find Jewelry Designer Manager, and I started out with the Deluxe version and a Dymo labelwriter. I have continuously used Jewelry Manager Deluxe since that time. The features are well thought out and easy to use, resulting in a much easier time in administration, which means more time in the studio. Here while back I looked at an online inventory management program that’s out there somewhere (the name of which I do not remember now). Besides that I would’ve had to start over from scratch to enter all my parts and finished pieces inventory for that program, the simple truth is that I like JDM better. Thank you so much for this excellent software product, and the best customer service anywhere! Vicki Newby

Eight Susquehanna

I e-mailed my first catalog made with this software and it was a huge success. It sold out in a week!. Thank you very much for creating this program. I’m completely in love with it! Cachi Marquez


My name is Debbie Moore and I have owned Debbie’s Beads & Baubles since the 90’s. The first year of doing shows, I lost over $10,000.00. Then I started subscribing to Bead and Button magazine and saw the ad for Bejeweled Software. I think that this has got to be the smartest investment I have made with my business as it has been uphill ever since, making profit and taking the guess work out of trying to figure out how much to charge for a piece of my jewelry. The technical support is wonderful as she does not give up on the client even years later and her expertise with her product and others she has on her site making her a master mind. Jewelry Designer Manager has made my life so much simpler and will make yours too. Debbie Moore

Debbie's Beads & Baubles

I have been using the Jewelry Designer Manager software for a long time starting with the basic one and now I use the Deluxe version. I could not run my business without it. I have a huge raw material inventory and this really makes my jewelry designing and making run so smoothly. The customer service is awesome! I have had two computer upgrades and Barbara has helped me with questions both times I transferred my data and get the software loaded. I highly recommend this software! Donna Rainey

I can’t imagine HOW anyone could do this without Bejeweled Software! I am as lame as they come at computer software, but the backup support I get from you gives me the comfort I need that I will always have a way to fix even the most unusual situation or worst mess I have unwittingly created. There aren’t enough products or services today that make our lives so much easier and make us grateful that we found them. So I realized it was simply time to tell you how much I appreciate you and of course Bejeweled Software! Cheri Nansen

Personally Yours Designs

I would like to take the time to thank the creators of Jewelry Designer Manager Deluxe. Since I started using this software my jewelry business has been very well organized down to the findings on each piece my company makes. I am also a big fan of the one-on-one technical support provided by Bejeweled Software. I would recommend this software to everybody. Thanks Bejeweled Software! You have made my business run smoothly with your software and customer service. Darrena Strawder

Designs with Style 24

I’ve been using JDM for more than ten years, and it is a key component of my jewelry business, equal in importance to any other tool in my studio. I couldn’t run my business without it. Whenever someone asks me what they should do to start their jewelry business, I always tell them to start with buying JDM. Easy to use, well designed, and flexible, with fabulous customer support, it’s a dream product.” Heather Widener


Our experience with Bejeweled customer service was extremely wonderful and helpful. My wife is very happy with the Premier version! Darren Galindo

I’m a Certified Jewelry Designer and own (functional jewelry designs). I’ve been using the Jewelry Designer Manager software for several years and wish I had known about it earlier. The ease-of-use design is invaluable because every financial aspect of my business is tied together in one package. From initial purchase of parts, consignment/retail sales, monthly business reports and tax calculations, customer and vendor lists, to end-of-year snapshots of cost of goods sold and profit, not only am I in total control of my inventories, I’m also ready for any audit. And, with the purchase of my Dymo LabelWriter 450, found on the JDM web site, I’m streamlining and upgrading my labeling tasks. Barbara Carleton is always available for tech support and suggestions to make the non-design aspects of my business less time-consuming and more efficient. Judith Greathouse

Stretchies by Judith

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