If you speak with anyone who regularly designs and creates jewelry, you will hear them describe it as a peaceful and relaxing endeavor. Certainly, most are interested in selling jewelry online and building a nice reputation and business, but there is more to the act of creating than just making the sale.

According to several studies reported in an online article at CNN, “crafting” is as beneficial to the mind and body as meditation, socializing, and in some cases, pharmaceutical regulation of strong emotional issues. Describing the art of creating as a “natural anti-depressant”, the article explains that every act of creation is therapeutic because it allows us to create what preeminent psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi called “flow”.

Flow is what occurs when you allow yourself to enjoy complete absorption in an activity. Focused on making jewelry, nothing else in your life interferes during daily creative time. You are fully in the moment, your creative juices are flowing, and you feel the surge of optimism that comes when you know that you are truly focused. This stimulates the brain to create the famous “feel good” chemical known as dopamine, and this will enhance your sense of well-being, improve sleep, and trigger positive feelings long after you have finished your daily work making jewelry.

Selling Jewelry Enhances Well-Being

Of course, there is even more to it than that! As the article goes on to explain, “crafting’s reward goes far beyond creation. Seeing the finished product adorning your walls — or receiving praise…can offer repeated hits of that feel-good chemical.” Naturally, successfully selling jewelry is another way of gaining the rewards of making it.

Additionally, your sense of “self-efficacy” also gets a boost when you are making and selling jewelry too. You begin the process by designing your pieces, you succeed in making them, and you overcome any challenges to marketing and selling jewelry online…and the result is that your self-esteem and your sense of personal effectiveness are all reinforced and increased.

The Importance of Ensuring Your Success

Naturally, you cannot just begin making and selling jewelry without proper planning and preparation. However, that too, can be part of the therapeutic process as well, since you are pouring creativity into the designing, marketing, and selling processes.

As a prime example, your marketing tactics are likely to include a blog, perhaps some articles, and sales sites like Etsy or your own website. Any of these efforts require focus and will reward you with that sense of completion and self-reliance that crafting studies have proven to be so beneficial to well-being. However, just the fact that you are designing and making your jewelry to sell online means you are likely to develop such a strong sense of self-reliance and self-efficacy that almost all of your endeavors will benefit. Just consider that the experts point out that simply realizing that you can design and create jewelry or other handicrafts will prove to you that you can approach almost any new challenge.

Making gorgeous pieces of jewelry to sell online will show you that you can, indeed, achieve great things. That line of bangles or earrings you create proves to you that you can also tackle the design and creation of a website, or photograph those pieces in such beautiful ways that the images are part of the reason for higher sales.

Selling your jewelry online is really the end result of many steps, but each of the steps has been proven by studies and science to come with tremendously therapeutic benefits. Don’t overlook the value of your art as you begin contemplating or planning to sell your jewelry online, it is relaxing and enjoyable each step of the way, and is remarkably beneficial to your health and wellbeing, and even your bank account!


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