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Jewelry Software will help you sell handmade jewelry.

An indispensable tool for jewelry sales success!

Create reports to help sell jewelry and look professional.

Dozens of reports to choose from to show off your jewelry line.

Impress customers with beautiful line sheets, invoices and earring cards.


Look professional with beautiful Line Sheets, Price Lists and Invoices with your logo and pictures of your jewelry designs.

Send customers your latest collection via PDF files which can be opened on computers, tablets and mobile devices

Create custom Earring Cards including logo/image, contact info, piece name, Item# and price for beautiful displays

All reports are easy to print. Select the report and the items to include on the report and print.

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Purchase includes one year of free technical support and software updates.

One of the best business decisions I ever made was to purchase Jewelry Design Manager Pro in 2004 and upgrade to Deluxe a few years later! Among other things, this application easily allows me to control costs, manage inventory, determine prices, print labels, and create invoices and catalogs. Being able to run reports and export them to Excel has saved me so much time on so many occasions. My customers are impressed when I know exactly what they have previously purchased and can remake a lost earring (using the photo associated with each item). Also, Barbara’s customer service is unparalleled. Without hesitation, I highly recommend this program to anyone that has a crafting business!

Sherry Chaples

Jewelry Designer Manager is one of the first pieces of software I purchased for my business almost 10 years ago and it’s become absolutely indispensable to the way I do business. I literally could not run this business without this piece of software. All the other programs I use (email, accounting, word processing, spreadsheets) have other options that I could use if needed. But nothing else does what Jewelry Designer Manager does for me.

  • It keeps track of exactly what I have invested in a work for both materials as well as time. It’s so easy to underestimate the costs of a piece, but this software keeps you honest. Which really helps to keep you in the black! No more ball-parking prices only to discover that you’ve been underselling your work.
  • Because you know your prices are fair I find it’s much easier to resist the “…but is that really your best price?” customers and stand your ground.
  • The inventory reports make my accountant love me. Seriously, she tells me that many, much larger business cannot provide her with reports that not only tell what inventory (both in pieces and finished work) is on hand, but also what it is worth.
  • The Quickbooks integration is awesome! I can export my wholesale invoices to Quickbooks and I don’t have to keep inventory information in there at all. All of my price and inventory information can stay in one place – Jewelry Designer Manager. No double data entry anymore!
  • Because this software has an Access back-end, if you know enough about Microsoft products to be even a little dangerous, it’s easy to pull the information out of Jewelry Designer software into Excel or other programs so you can streamline your other administrative work processes.

I tell all of the people who come to me for advice, if you are serious about your business, you really need to invest in this program!

Tahmi DeSchepper


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