Publish or Perish: Keys to Marketing Jewelry Effectively

In the world of academia you hear that phrase we used in the title – publish or perish – a lot. That is because academics are required to stand apart, demonstrate a high degree of knowledge on their niche, and show they are, well, very academic. So, just why would a jewelry maker need to publish? It has to do with the internet.

You see, in this modern world of everything internet, there is a tremendous reliance on what is called “content”. Content is mostly words, though visual materials like videos, infographics and images count as content, too. However, those materials need to be properly tagged, titled and described to get the same results as standard content like blogs, articles, eBooks and social media posts.

Okay, you might be thinking, I sort of understand that, but how does it relate to my jewelry business? Though your goal might be to create lovely designs that sell nicely online and even in venues like jewelry shows or craft fairs, you still need to compete. The only way to do so is to rank highly in search engine results. Google is one search engine, but so too are the search features at sites like Etsy and other sales oriented destinations.

Content Is Your Key

Web experts like to say that content is king because it lets you get consistently high positions in search engine results. It does that when it contains terms or keywords that your audience uses when looking for whatever it is they desire. “Delicate opal gold pendant”, “masculine leather hand engraved cuff”…these are examples of searches and keywords.

So, content is mostly words. Publishing is mostly words, too. That is why we’ve said that your jewelry marketing has to be built around publishing. Without words behind you, without content, your site might perish.

However, you are up against a huge amount of competition. One website explains that nearly 30 million people purchased jewelry online in 2016 alone and that it is, in general, a billion dollar a year industry. This means that lots of jewelry makers and sellers are already out there, writing good product descriptions (i.e. content), posting well worded social media posts (i.e. also content), and attracting attention.

You can do the same, plus you can use the “publish” concept to gain an advantage. How? Why limit yourself to strongly written product descriptions and social media posts. You don’t even have to limit yourself to fully written meta tags and sales page data. We also suggest:

  • Creating videos
  • Designing funny and shareable infographics
  • Writing informative – not sales oriented – blogs and articles
  • Offering eBooks as freebies in exchange for emails or social media permissions
  • Generating media coverage in the form of press releases about your site or designs

These are steps that few of the competitors are using, but which get your information published and your URL (website) higher and higher in search results.

How would you use them? Let’s say you start with an informative blog. Maybe you make jewelry using a certain type of semi-precious stone. Why not write a bit about its use throughout history, or tell how it is an eco-friendly option, or something about it that has zero sales pitch material included in the mix.

Then, post it social media. You can then create a video that features that same text, but which is animated to make it interesting. You can also convert a few articles of this kind into an interesting eBook about eco-friendly or fascinating histories of jewelry, and so on.

Get super creative, publish your innovative content – giving away information but gaining an audience – and you will see your site thrive rather than perish.



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