It’s easy to add and manage images for inventory parts and for finished pieces in Jewelry Designer Manager. Even better – your images can then be used to make terrific line sheets or shared with Etsy and Shopify! This video will show you how.

As an extra bonus, this video will also walk you through some basic knowledge about how and why we size photos and manage images for use on the internet. It’s a 14-minute video, and worth every second! So grab a cup of coffee or tea and get comfortable. Learn how to quickly and easily size, edit, and add your images. EXTRA extra bonus – we suggest several FREE photo management apps for you to use!



Here are links to the software programs mentioned in this video:

  • Bulk Image Resizer
  • Pixlr
  • In Depth: This is a terrific article on image size management. It says it’s for WordPress, but the information crosses over to other platforms. Click Here

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