It can be frustrating for a dedicated artisan to create their beautiful handmade jewelry only to struggle with also writing artful and comprehensive product descriptions and marketing language. After all, you might reasonably think, isn’t it enough that my jewelry is well made and unique? Now I also have to draft clever, creative, and accurate marketing text too?

Unfortunately, the answer is “yes”. Selling jewelry in the modern world means having precise product descriptions, and also creating confident and creative wording that helps to sell each piece or line. And if you are selling jewelry online alone, it is imperative that your mastery of colorful and descriptive language appears in all of your pages, sites, blogs, or social media blasts.

The Importance of Words

Let’s just use a simple example of the way that wording can improve or reduce your chances at successfully selling jewelry. Let’s say that you are going to design and make costume jewelry that is similar to the more dramatic and formal pieces from the 1940s. You have a line that features artificial emeralds and rubies. Do you describe the stones as “emerald colored glass stones” or do you use something more creative? The answer is that you have to try to use both.

The more accurate description is to ensure that buyers know what they are getting, and the more creative is to motivate them to make the purchase. So, you might say something like, “feel like royalty bedecked in emeralds when you choose this emerald green glass pendant”, instead of “this green glass pendant”. The latter is concise and accurate, but not very lively and not likely to help with your efforts in selling jewelry through a website or online shop.

Naturally, you have to be very accurate with certain descriptions such as lengths, sizes, and closures or clasps. This is why so many designers who have succeeded with selling jewelry online opt to have an initial description area on their sales pages and then a section with “specifics”. This allows the buyer to get all of the answers they need, but also lets the designer create mood, tone, or build on their established brand’s marketing.

Hitting a Road Block

If you are just starting out and feel like you’ve hit a road block, use a method that so many other writers do and “curate” ideas from other blogs. For example, let’s say that your designs are inspired by materials directly from nature. Are there blogs you have used to gather images or ideas? Visit those blogs and look for their lists of tags or the words they might have used. Start building lists of words that you can associate with your work or designs, and when you head back to your descriptions or your own marketing texts, you can insert these words or allow them to inspire you to create much stronger language.

You might also play games of word association with yourself to help craft more lively language meant to help you with selling jewelry. Of course, the modern computer user may also be familiar with the “right click” feature in word processing programs like Microsoft Word. Go ahead and type a word you think you should use in a product description. Then right click that word and head down to the “Synonyms” option. The program gives you a list of alternatives – and many of these can instantly liven up your language.

If all else fails and you struggle to jazz up the language used to describe your jewelry or to create better marketing language, try telling a story about it. Write as if you were telling a friend about an exciting discovery you made in a local shop, or online store. Use the excitement you feel about this amazing find, and you’ll soon discover all kinds of lively, creative, and energetic language to use to succeed in selling your handmade jewelry designs.


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