Start planning trips to your favorite wholesale jewelry trade shows in 2019.  Learn about new developments in the industry and consumer trends. Stock up on jewelry inventory and supplies.  Take a class and visit with other jewelers.  Know what’s going on to help your jewelry business grow and thrive.


Jewelry Trade Show Calendar 2019

We have compiled a list of the jewelry industry’s major trade shows with contact information. Click to download the calendar:  Jewelry Trade Show Calendar 2019


Jewelry Trade Shows Tips

Attending jewelry trade shows can be expensive and stressful, however, it is a great chance to see hundreds of suppliers in one place, to keep up with trends and to engage in networking.   Here are some tips to help you be relaxed, organized and enjoy the show.


Wear Comfortable Clothing and  Shoes

Trade shows require lots of walking. You may be on your feet for 8-10 hours.  Wear comfortable shoes and bring an extra pair.


Get a Map of the Show Floor Plan

Find all the vendors that you want to visit and locate their booths before you start walking the show.  Prioritize so that you see the most important vendors early when you are less tired or before you run out of money!


Take Your Jewelry Inventory Reports

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a show and realizing that you forgot to purchase the most important items.  Knowing exactly what jewelry making supplies you need – quantities, styles, and colors, etc. beforehand will help make going to the show worthwhile and less overwhelming.

Having pricing information at your fingertips helps when you are negotiation prices and asking for discounts with vendors.  If you have detailed reports then vendors will notice that you are organized, professional and a serious buyer.  They will want to do business with you!  Our Jewelry Designer Manager software program includes several reports that are especially useful for this purpose.  A Part Reorder report only prints parts that are low or out of stock.  The Part Purchase History report prints past purchase information.  These reports will help you to focus on buying exactly what you need at a good price.  You can also create a Bills Of Material for all jewelry piece items that need to be made. The reports will summarize all the parts needed to manufacture all the designs.


Bring an Extra Backpack or Tote

There will be catalogs and promotional products that you want to take home not to mention your purchases.  Consider mailing them rather than carrying home.  Pack some snacks and bottled water to stay energized.


Collect Business Cards and Brochures

Trade shows are a great place to network.  Collect lots of business cards and don’t forget to bring your own.

Get brochures, catalogs and contact information from vendors even if you don’t make a purchase at the show.  Make notes about what products they carry that you are interested in so that you will be able to purchase from them at a later date.


Stay on Budget

Track your purchases so that you don’t go over your budget.  You can always purchase later.  Many vendors offer their “Show Special” prices for a limited time after the show so be sure to ask the vendor.


Attend a Workshop

Learn about the jewelry business, new trends, or improve your jewelry making skills.  Try to meet influential industry experts for guidance and inspiration.


Have Fun!

Preparing in advance will ensure that attending a jewelry trade show is productive and worth the time and money you spent to get there.  Visiting with friends and colleagues, making new contacts and getting new jewelry making ideas is fun and can be very rewarding.

Let us know what you do to make attending shows fun and which are your favorite shows.


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