Pricing Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry Pricing Software will show you how to price handmade items and make a profit.

No more guessing!

Pricing jewelry made easy!

Software will show you how to price handmade jewelry & and crafts

Pricing formulas to easily calculate wholesale and retail prices.

Know exactly how much it costs to make each jewelry design including Cost of Materials, Labor and other Costs.

Three price levels for each piece: wholesale, direct and retail. Use the suggested selling price formula or specify your own price.

Pricing Calculator – two formulas for determining suggested selling prices. Enter the markup and instantly know your profit.

Remove all parts used to make piece from part inventory and add finished pieces to piece inventory.

Load two pictures of each jewelry design. Great for line sheets and look books.

Print reports to help analyze costs, view assembly “recipe” and value of inventory.

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After a few years of starting Laura Tanner Jewelry in 2006 and trying to track all my designs and inventory on Excel (and yellow legal pads!), I discovered JDM online and decided to give it a try. Almost seven years later, I am still using JDM software daily, and it is a critical component in keeping my business running efficiently and profitably. Although the initial task of entering several years worth of raw material purchases and customer invoices into the system was a major undertaking, ultimately it was so worthwhile and has helped me grow my business exponentially. Now we enter purchases and sales as they come in, and it is so helpful to have accurate and up-to-date data. In particular, it has been critical in helping me create precise and profitable pricing for both wholesale and retail customers. After a few years, I decided to integrate the Dymo label printer from JDM, and it has been a huge time saver when tagging pieces for retail shows and labeling bags for shipments to wholesale customers. At shows, other designers often ask me where I get such professional price tags and I always refer them to JDM. The JDM invoices are also invaluable in presenting professional and organized sales records to customers and wholesale buyers. Moreover, when preparing for sales and income taxes, the JDM reports and QuickBooks integration are incredibly helpful. Last, when I have had rare glitches or questions about JDM, Barbara is always quick to respond and very resourceful and patient on the phone. I would highly recommend purchasing JDM software to anyone starting a jewelry business or looking to get organized and take his or her existing business to the next level. Laura Tanner

Laura Tanner Jewelry

In 2003 my sister, Lisa Peterson and I began our jewelry design and manufacturing business, Laurie and Lisa Designs. Almost at the onset Lisa (who is also an attorney) suggested that we purchase the JDM program. I contacted JDM and was immediately impressed by the incredible knowledge and support provided by Barbara Carleton. She is truly the most wonderful vendor that I have ever worked with. In 2009 my business computer crashed and I lost much of my JDM. Barbara worked with me and my IT person to resurrect as much of it as possible. Her calm, supportive demeanor, coupled with her great knowledge of the program, literally saved my business! I cannot recommend JDM enough to any and all jewelry designers! Laurie Wetterschneider

Laurie and Lisa Designs

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