Are you a jewelry maker who would be unable to clearly define their own target audience or buyer?

If so, we have a bit of advice to help you with this important part of operating a successful business.

Many jewelry makers understand their own style. They tune into it when making new designs or fashioning individual items. It is what defines them. Yet, ask those same artisans about their target customers and they might struggle. This is not all that unusual for any business professional, even though a key to success is found in clearly identifying target audiences or customers.

Look to Experts

Every year, the Halstead Grant gives out free money to jewelry makers who effectively answer that year’s question and explain how and why they would deserve the financial support the grant offers. When the question was to explain the target audience, the organization could not overemphasize the importance of doing so. They said, “targeting is more than just basic demographics like age and income. Jewelry is an emotional purchase. Targeting needs to include tastes, interests and self-image or ‘psychographics.’ To be a successful marketer of your products, you must define your primary customer base in much greater detail.”

As an example, you might say something like, “Oh, my audience is mostly women aged 40-60 who have a middle income status.” Now, that might sound alright, but it actually represents millions upon millions of potential buyers. So, how do you narrow it down to get to the heart of it?

Ask yourself! For instance, you are the maker with the vision. You have people who have already purchased from you. That means your esthetic and design philosophy must also be part of the description of the target customer. So just answer some of these questions about yourself and your work:

What sort of clothing do you prefer?

What activities and hobbies interest you?

Do you socialize? If so, how?

Where do you live?

What is your family life like?

After that, you can then start to narrow down the age groups. After all, a 40 year old woman who loves vintage garments from the 20’s and the 50 year old woman who likes streamlined and modern esthetics are very different. So, look at the age groups by specifics.

As an example, do you see mostly single women without kids buying your items? Maybe it is all stay at home mothers or maybe its urban men in power suits who like your esthetic. Hone this down as narrowly as you can.

Then, take the original questions to build out your target market’s ideal designs. What accessories, colors, looks work for them? This is the basis for creating both items and text that appeals to them.

Are there nearly limitless numbers of target audiences? Yes, and the key is to avoid trying to speak to too many of them. Most jewelry makers (and business owners in general) have a small number of target audiences and they can attract them best when they understand many specifics. As that Halstead group explained, “Marketing can be overwhelming when you are not sure where to start. Identifying your target customers is the best place to begin…Then it is a matter of researching each exposure opportunity and budgeting your marketing dollars. At every step ask yourself how your target customers would respond. Once you know your audience, the answers will be at your fingertips.”

If you have never tried to narrow things down to a few very clearly defined target audiences, today is the day. It can radically improve your jewelry business and help you create amazing items that buyers snap up as soon as they are available and marketed effectively.


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