Jewelry Inventory Software

Make Your Jewelry Business a Success!

Designed For Jewelry Makers, Handmade Artists and Crafts 



Reports Help You Sell Your Jewelry

Look Professional!

Impress your customers and make more jewelry sales!

Jewelry Inventory Management

Get organized so you can spend more time making jewelry!

  • Enter detailed part description and image
  • Track purchases: price, vendor, venue
  • Automatically calculates Weighted Average Unit Price
  • Track current inventory stock and value
  • Parts removed from Inventory when used in product
  • Product removed from finished jewelry inventory when sold
  • Print Catalogs with images
  • Reports: Purchase History, Product Use, Reorder List
  • Labels for Part Storage Containers
Know the exact amount and value of parts and jewelry inventory.

Pricing Jewelry Made Easy

Jewelry Software Shows You How to Price Handmade Jewelry and Profit

No More Guessing!

  • Jewelry pricing calculator based on materials, labor, other costs and a markup
  • Two pricing formulas to help calculate selling prices
  • Select a markup for each jewelry design
  • Use the suggested selling prices or specify your own price
  • Three pricing tiers: Wholesale, Direct and Retail 
  • Suggested Prices are up-to-date with current part prices
Print reports to help analyze jewelry costs, view assembly “recipe” and value of inventory.

Selling Jewelry Online

Integrate with Shopify, Facebook, and Etsy 

  • Export products to import into your Shopify Store
  • Import Sales from Etsy and Automatically Update Jewelry Inventory 
  • Post Jewelry Pieces Directly to Facebook with Images, Message and Website.
  • Use on iPad

Grow Your Jewelry Business 

Be successful doing what you love to do – making jewelry!

  • Know Your Best Selling Pieces and Best Customers
  • Current Part and Finished Piece Inventory Stock and  Value
  • Quickly Reorder Parts That Are Low or Out of Stock
  • Track Sales and Sales Tax Collected
  • Sales and Gross Profit Reports
  • Be Organized Especially at Tax Season
  • Save Time, Sell More and Be Profitable
Whether you are just starting to make your own jewelry or have been in the jewelry business for years this jewelry inventory software program will help you be successful!

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I simply love Jewelry Designer Manager!!! It is wonderful software, super user-friendly and does it all you would require for your business from inventory management to barcoding to making beautiful line sheets and invoices & memo with images. Also the customer service we get for this software is simply amazing. I can’t brag enough for Barbara, the creator of the software who is always on top for taking care of her clients requests and getting it all done right away. Simply I love JDM and would highly recommend this software to all – it is simply wonderful and I totally love it.

Puja Bordia


Jewelry Designer Manager is a great industry-specific software that has grown with my business from the time I started as a part-time hobbyist over 10 years ago. At that time I made beaded jewelry which I sold at farmer’s markets and an occasional art show. Now I am a full-time silver and goldsmith participating in 24 juried art festivals annually and selling to 50+ art galleries. JDM has kept the bookkeeping portion of my business simple so that I am free to spend more time doing what I love – designing jewelry!

Shelli Kahl

Shell Bell

I support myself and family by making jewelry. I rely on Jewelry Design Manager for pricing and inventory control. Because of JDM I have been able to organize my inventory to a greater degree than any other time in the 86 years my family has made jewelry. I have used JDM for many years and have been able to start slow and build my existing business around JDM so that the learning curve was flat and ability of an old established business to computerize was slow and easy. I utilize JDM everyday and price all my pieces through it. Barbara Carleton has always, always, been very helpful and timely in helping me with any and all questions. I don’t know what I’d do with out JDM and Barbara and cannot recommend it enough.

Sam Patania

Samuel Frank Patania Jewelry

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