How to Keep Track of Jewelry Inventory

Jewelry Inventory

Jewelry Inventory consists of parts or components that have not been used in jewelry pieces and jewelry pieces that have not been sold. There is a Number in Stock field on the Jewelry Parts and Jewelry Assembly/Pricing forms. This number can be manually changed at anytime.

There are many inventory reports on the Reports form for parts and finished pieces.

The program will take parts and jewelry pieces out of inventory when you click on the Update command buttons on the forms. The Jewelry Assembly form updates Part and Jewelry Piece inventory (when you click on the Remove Parts from Inventory command button). The Invoice form updates finished piece inventory (when you click on the Update Jewelry Piece Inventory command button).


Add a Part Purchase to Jewelry Part Inventory

When you purchase your parts you will add the parts to Part Inventory.  The total units purchased will be added to the number in stock.



Update Part Inventory

When you make a jewelry piece you can remove the parts that were used to make the piece out of part inventory and add the jewelry piece to finished piece inventory on the Jewelry Assembly/Pricing form.Click on the Inventory tab, enter the number of pieces made in the Remove Parts from Inventory for ____ Pieces and click on Go.



Update Jewelry Inventory

On the Invoice form you can update jewelry piece inventory.  Click on the Update Jewelry Piece Inventory command button to take the all the items on the invoice out of finished piece inventory.


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