Integrate JDM Premier Plus with Shopify

Sell Jewelry Online with Shopify and Jewelry Designer Manager

Jewelry Designer Manager makes it easy to export all your jewelry into your Shopify Store.  Shopify makes it easy for you to build and manage your online store.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an ecommerce platform with tons of features to help you launch and manage your online store.  It doesn’t require any coding or technical skills to get started.  You can sell on Facebook, accept credit cards and use buy buttons on your blog or any website. There are several subscription packages for any stage of your e-commerce business.  If you have a Shopify store then you can easily export jewelry piece information from Jewelry Designer Manager Premier Plus and import into Shopify.   For more information on selling jewelry online with Shopify please click here.


Export Jewelry Pieces

In JDM Premier Plus you can export all your jewelry pieces as a CSV type file using the Report form.  The Category, Piece Name, Description, Size, Retail Price and Number in Stock will be exported.  You can modify the spreadsheet before importing if needed.

  1. Open the report form.  In Report Groups select: Shopify.  In Report Names select: Export Jewelry Pieces
  2. Select the pieces to export by checking the boxes to the right of each piece row.  You can also click on Select All or open a Saved List of pieces.
  3. Click on:  Export


You will now see the Export Records to File  window.  Follow the Shopify Export Instructions to give the file a name and type.  Be sure to check the file name extensions and type.

The exported csv file will look like the one below.  The Handle and Title are the Jewelry Piece Name, Body is Description, Vendor is your company name and Type is Category.  We have selected “Deny” to not allow pieces to be sold if they are out of stock.  You can modify the spreadsheet before importing or make changes in Shopify.  Shopify has a bulk editing tool that allows you to make changes easily.



Import Jewelry Pieces in Shopify

  1. Open the Shopify Products page
  2. Click on Import
  3. Choose the .csv file that was exported from JDM
  4. Click on Upload File

Your jewelry pieces are now products in your Shopify store.


You can easily upload all your jewelry images to Shopify by creating a Backup in Jewelry Designer Manager Premier Plus.  Inside the JDMPremierPlusBackup_YearMonthDay folder there is a folder called Images\PiecePics.   All the jewelry piece images that are in JDM are in this folder.

  1. In Shopify click on Add images
  2. Browse to the PiecePics folder (inside the backup folder)
  3. Select the image
  4. Click on Open



Sell on your Shopify Store!

You now have all your pieces in your Shopify store.  Click here for more information on how to sell jewelry on Shopify.





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