Selling Jewelry – Create an Invoice

Selling Jewelry

Create an Invoice

Open the Invoice form to create an invoice to keep track of jewelry sales and update jewelry piece inventory.  There are many sales reports to view your sales, sales taxes collected, best customers and best-selling jewelry pieces.

  1. On the Invoice form you select the customer using the Sold to: drop-down box.
  2. If you need to add a customer click on the Add/Edit Customers command button.
  3. You can also edit a customer after you have selected by clicking on the edit customer command button to the right of the customer name
  4. Enter the Quantity and the Item# of the jewelry pieces sold.
  5. You can view or edit the jewelry piece by clicking on the Edit command to the right of the piece image.
  6. If the Customer is a Wholesale customer then Sales tax will not be added.  Otherwise the invoice will use the default sales tax entered on the Preferences form. You can also change the tax rate on each item on the invoice.
  7. Discounts can be given by either a dollar amount or a percentage of the subtotal.
  8. Tax on Shipping/Handling is an option.
  9. Update the jewelry piece inventory by clicking on the Update Jewelry Piece Inventory command button. All the items on the invoice will be taken out of finished piece inventory.
  10. You can print the invoice by clicking on the Invoice with Pics command button. If you would like to print an Invoice without pictures or with sorting options print the Invoice using the Report form.



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