How to Print Reports – Line Sheets

Jewelry Designer Manager Reports including Line Sheets, Invoices and Memos with Images

The Report form allows you to print reports with options for sorting, filtering, adding titles to your reports.  Load your Logo on the Preference form to print on all reports that go to customers.

Select the Report Group to narrow down the list of reports.  Select the report and then select the items that will print on the report.


Select a Report

Select a Report Group to narrow down the selection of Reports and then select the Report you wish to print. Below I selected the Jewelry Piece report group to view the reports that print information about jewelry pieces.

How to select items that print on the report

All the items that are available to print on the report will be listed on the first tab.  You can search the list for specific items (1) and/or change the sort order of the list. (2)  

Check the Select All check box (3)  to select all items or click on the rows to select/de-select individual items. (4)  You can also use the Shift and Control keys to selecting items consecutively or in random order.  

The Save List (5) feature allows you to save the current selection of items with a List Name.  

How to Filter the List of Items that Print

Depending on the report you may have options to filter the items that will print on the reports. For Jewelry Piece reports you can filter by the Piece Category.  In the example below I have filtered my selection to only print Bracelets. (be sure to select all items on the first tab.)

There is also the option to print records where no piece category was entered for a jewelry piece.

Sorting Items on a Report

You can select the Report Sort Order and whether items should be in Ascending or Descending (Desc) order.  (Ascending is the default).  In the example below the report will be sorted by Item #.


Miscellaneous Items for Reports

Click on the Misc (miscellaneous) Criteria tab to select which prices to show on the report and whether to print the Comments field.

At the bottom you can add a Report Title.

How to Create a Report Saved List

If you want to save the items that you have selected to print on the report then create a Saved List. Next time you select a report you can retrieve the Saved List so that you don’t have to re-select the items again.  

Printing and Saving as a PDF

You can Preview or Print reports using the command buttons on the Report form.   The reports will print to the default printer or you can select another printer in the Print dialog box.

 You can also save a report as a PDF file that can be viewed on any computer, tablet and most smart phones. You can send PDF reports to customers to show them line sheets, price lists or send an Invoice.  You can also send reports to yourself such as Part Inventory or Part Reorder list to help you when you are shopping.

To create a PDF on Windows computers you need to install a PDF printer driver on your computer.  There are many free PDF Writers available. We use PDFill Writer:

Click on the ? to the right of the Print command button for detailed instructions.


Creating a PDF on a Mac

On Mac computers there is a built-in Print and Save as PDF option on the Print dialog. You can Save the report as a PDF or email it.

Creating a PDF on a Mac

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