How to Print Jewelry Price Tags and Labels on Dymo 450 Printer

JDM Premier Plus integrates with the Dymo 450 Printer and prints jewelry price tags and labels for part storage containers and customers.

Jewelry Price Tags 

To print jewelry price tags locate the diagram on the Jewelry Piece – Assembly/Pricing form.  Click on the Dymo tab to view the 3 label styles available and the pre-designed options for each style label.  The 3 label styles are:  Barbell 30299, Rattail 30373 or Barcode 30330.

The label design options show you which fields are printed on the label.  There are also optional text fields in case you would like to print a information that is not in a field.

1. In the example below the Rattail style is selected and there are 5 designs that print a combination of fields on the label.  (Style #1 prints only the Item# and Price; Style #2 prints the Item#, Price and Piece Name)

2. There are four Optional Text fields that allow you to add information.  For Rattail Style the optional text fields can be printed on Style #4 and #5.  (I added 4 gms to Optional Text field #1)


3. Select the label and click on Print Label.



There is also an option to print barcodes of the Item# on some of the labels.  Please note that if you use letters in your item number it can make the barcode very wide which may not fit or be readable by a scanner.

You can print an unlimited amount of labels for jewelry pieces on the Report form.


Printing Labels

If you are on Windows be sure to check that the labels are sent to the Dymo Printer.  When you click on Print you will see a Print Preview of the label and a reminder to load the correct label in the printer and select the printer.  If you do not select the printer then the labels may not print correctly.  (See Printing on Windows and Mac below)

1.  Click on Print and OK to close the Alert.

2.  Select the Dymo 450 printer.

3.  Select the label and click on OK.



Printing Labels for Parts

Print labels for jewelry part storage containers on the jewelry part form.  You can also print an unlimited number of labels for parts on the Report form.



Printing Labels from Invoices and Memos

On the Invoice and Memo forms you can print labels for all the items that are on the Invoice or Memo.  You also have the option of selecting which price to print:  Retail or the price that is on the Invoice or Memo.



Printing Labels Using the Report Form


You can print Dymo labels for parts, pieces and customers on the Reports form.

1. Select the Dymo Labels under Report Group.

2. Select the label style.

3. Select the Jewelry Pieces.

4. Select which price to print (wholesale, direct or retail) on the Misc tab.



Dymo Printer Settings on Windows

Please check the Print Setup  settings to be sure the Dymo printer and correct label is selected:




Dymo Printer Settings on a Mac

Please check these setting when printing on a Mac.

1.  After selecting labels and clicking on Print click on Show Details in the Print Dialog box.

2.  Open the Filemaker Pro drop-down box and select Paper Handling.

3. Check  Scale to Fit Paper Size and be sure the correct label is selected.  Click on Print to print labels.

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