Sorting and Filtering Records

Jewelry Designer Manager stores records in the order they were added to the file. Sorting temporarily rearranges records, so you can view or update them in a different sequence. By default, the records remain sorted until you perform a find or sort records by different criteria. When you add or change a record in a sorted found set, the record appears in the correct position in the sort order after you commit the record.



To Sort or Filter records click in any field.  In the example below we clicked in the Part Name field.

Click on the Sort command on the tool bar and select either Ascending or Descending order.

To Remove the Sort click on the Remove command.



Finding Records

To find records that match a certain criteria you can use the Find command.  For example: I am searching for all jewelry parts that contain: “Elements” in the part name.

1. On the Jewelry Parts form click on Find on the menu bar. Select: Find Mode (or press Ctrl-F)  There will be a magnifying glass icon in each field.

2. Go to the field where you will enter your Find criteria.  For example:  Part name contains: Elements.  You can enter criteria in as many fields as you wish.

3. Select Find – Perform Find or press Enter.

4. In the example below:  At the bottom of the form it says: “Showing 1 of 9 (260 total).  There are 9 Jewelry Parts that contain the word “Elements” in the Part Name.  I can scroll through the records to view each one.

5. Click on Remove to show all records again or click on Find on the menu bar and select: Show all Records or click on Remove.



Filtering records using Menu Bar Command

To Filter records click in any field that contains the text you are filtering. In the example below we clicked in the Part Name field and clicked on the Filter command on the Menu bar.  Only records that match will be shown.  You can scroll through all the records that match using the record navigation at the bottom left of the form.  It also shows you the number of records that match.  In this example there are 3 parts out of 260 records that have the Part Name “Cabochon”.

To remove the filter click on the Remove command on the menu bar.


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