Navigating forms and records

Record Navigation

Navigating to different forms in JDM Premier is simple.  Just click on any of the Forms in the Black Bar at the top (1).   At the bottom of the form you will see the record navigation buttons that will take you to the First, Previous, Next and Last record.  You can also see how many total records there are and which record you are currently viewing (3).  In the example below there are 259 parts and we are currently viewing record 3.

There are shortcuts for the command buttons at the top of the forms (2).  The underlined letter helps you to remember the keys to press.

Find Part – Ctrl-Alt+P

Add New Part – Ctrl-Alt+A

Quicklist – Ctrl-Alt+Q

Delete Part – Ctrl-Alt+D

Copy Part – Ctrl-Alt+C

(In Mac, “Cmd” key should be used in stead of “Ctrl”.)


You can also use these keyboard shortcuts to navigate among records in Jewelry Parts,Jewelry Piece,Customers,Invoices,Vendors and BOM forms.


Next record: Ctrl+Down Arrow

Previous record: Ctrl+Up Arrow


Next record: Control-Down Arrow

Previous record: Control-Up Arrow



Finding Records

At the top of each form you will see a Find Drop-down box.  In the example below we have opened the Find Part drop-down box on the Jewelry Parts form (1).  Start typing the first letters of the item you are looking for in the Search box (2)  or scroll through the list.  Click on the item to select the item.




You may also have the option to sort the list.  The list below is sorted by Category/PartName.  You can change the sort to Part ID or Vendor Item# by opening the Sort drop-down box (3).


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