Moving JDM Premier to a New Computer

You can install JDM Premier on another computer by using either the CD or the link to the Download.  Follow the installation instructions for Windows or Mac OSX in  Getting Started.

After you have installed the program you can open JDM Premier and use the Backup/Restore form to restore a Backup. (only if both computer are using the same operating system: Windows to Windows or Mac to Mac)  See the Backup section in the User Guide for more information on how to Backup and Restore data.

You can also copy the JDMPremier.fmpur file from the old computer to the new.  (computers may be on different operating systems – Mac or PC.  If you use this method please be sure that both computers are on the same Version/Date of JDM Premier.  The Version/Date is listed on the About form in the program.

You can copy the data file JDMPremier.fmpur to a memory stick, email it to yourself, or upload it to an online storage account such as Dropbox, GoogleDrive or SkyDrive.  Paste it into the JDM Premier folder on the new computer.

Copying Data file on Windows

Before copying the file be sure JDM Premier is closed.

In Windows open Windows Explorer or my computer to locate the Jewelry Designer Manager Premier folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Bejeweled Software Company\Jewelry Designer Manager Premier

You will see the file you will be replacing in this folder:  JDMPremier.fmpur.  (you can rename this file before replacing it just in case you need to restore it)

Copying Data File on the Mac

Before copying the file be sure JDM Premier is closed.

You will be replacing the JDMPremier.fmpur file with the file from the other computer. (can be from a Windows or Mac computer)

On the Mac locate the JDMPremier.fmpur file in the Jewelry Designer Manager Premier folder:

1.  Right-Click on the JDM Premier icon in the Applications Folder and select: Show Package Contents.

2.  Click on:  -> Contents -> Resources -> Jewelry Designer Manager Premier


Copying Data File on the Mac

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