Managing Consignment and Memos

In JDM Premier Plus you can keep track of items that are on consignment to stores, galleries, or sales people.  The Memo is similar to an Invoice except that items on Memo are not part of finished piece inventory and not yet sold.  You will update the Memo as the status of the items on memo changes to either sold or returned.  There are reports that will help you keep track of what items are out on Memo,  how long they have been out and the customer information so that you can follow-up. You can also view all the Memos on the Consignment Quicklist.

Creating a Consignment Memo

Here are the steps to create a new Memo.

1.  Select the customer.

2.  Select the jewelry piece items to add to the Memo.

3.  Enter Due Date, Ship Date, PO and Terms.

4.  Print the Memo.  

5.  You can also print labels for all the items on the Memo. Select the label type and print.

Creating a Consignment Memo

Reconciling a Memo

When items on Memo have been sold or return you will change the status of the item using the Action option boxes.

1. Select the item on the Memo that you wish to update.

2. Click on Sold, Return, Remove or Partial Sale and click Update.

3. If you need to make changes to Qty or Price of an item click on the Lock to unlock the Items on Consignment section.

4. The item is now moved to the Sold or Removed section on the Memo or removed completely from the Memo.

Reconciling a Memo

Creating an Invoice from a Memo

After items are moved to the Sold section you can automatically create an Invoice.  The items that have not yet been invoiced will be highlighted “NO”

Click on Create Invoice.

In the example below one item was on the sold section and new Invoice was created with Customer and Item information filled in.


Creating an Invoice from a Memo

Consignment Quicklist

You view all the Memos on the Memo Quicklist form.  

–  Sort on Memo#, Customer Name, Company, Memo Date, Total and Due Date columns

–  Filter by Customer or by Date Range.

–  Select a Memo and view all the jewelry piece items on the Memo.

–  Select one or more Memos and View each Memo on the Memo form.

–  Print the Memo Quicklist after you have sorted and/or filtered.

Consignment Quicklist

Memo Reports

There are more options available for printing Memo reports on the Report form under the Report Group – Consignment Memos.

There are Jewelry Piece Inventory reports that include items in stock along with items on Memo on the Jewelry Pieces Report Group – Jewelry Inventory.


Memo Reports

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