Keeping Track of Jewelry Inventory Parts

The Jewelry Parts form keeps track of all the jewelry inventory parts and components you purchase to make your jewelry. Use this form to view each Jewelry Part in detail. The first time you add a part there will be one part purchase. If you purchase this part again then you only have to add the new purchase. Each part has a description that consists of the Category, Part Name, Description, Size, Shape, Color and Weight.

In the middle of the form is the Part Purchase History. Click on the Add Purchase command button to add part purchases.

At the bottom of the form you will see the current number in stock, the Reorder Number (level at which you would want to order more) and the Location where you store the part (a bin or drawer number).


Jewelry Parts – Detail View

The Jewelry Parts form allows you to see all the information about one part on one form.


Jewelry Parts Quicklist

The Jewelry Parts Quicklist allows you to view all your parts on one form.  Click on the QuickList command button to open.

You can filter the parts by Category, Size, Shape, Color and Vendor. (1)

To sort columns click on the column name. (2)

You can select one or more parts by using the Shift and Control keys.  Click on the View/Edit Select Parts command button to view each part in detail. (3)

Click on the Print command button to print the QuickList as it is Sorted and/or Filtered. (4)

There are two list boxes below the main list.  If a record is selected in the main list you will see all the Part Purchases and Pieces that Contain the Part. (5) & (6)

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