How to Add a Part Purchase

Each part may be purchased unlimited times. The program keeps track of each purchase including the date, price, quantity and vendor.

Adding purchases is quick and easy. If you purchase a part that has already been entered in the program then click on Find Part to select the part.  Enter the new purchase information.

The Sold As field reminds you of how the part is packaged or sold. For example: 15″ Strand, Foot, Pack of 12.

The Unit depends on the type of part/component and what unit of measure works best for you. You will select the amount of units used in your jewelry pieces. For example: for wire or chain the unit of measure can be a foot or it can be an inch. For seed beads we recommend using a tube as the Unit since it would be very tedious to use one bead as a unit.  Think of how time consuming it would be to have to count all the tiny beads purchased and also the quantity used in a jewelry piece. It is much easier to estimate the amount of tube: .5 or .25.

If you purchase strands of beads, stones or pearls you will count the number of beads per strand. Please see the Bead Chart for Estimating.

The program will calculate the Unit Price and Add the Total Units purchased to Part Inventory.

    Unit Price = (Qty * Price) + Shipping /  (Qty * # of Units)

If you purchased several parts in the same order then you may want to split the Shipping Cost between the parts.


Adding a Part Purchase

Click on Add Purchase.  Enter Part Purchase information and click on  Add Purchase to add parts to Part inventory.


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