Keeping Track of Customers



Customer Info and Sales form

JDM allows you to keep track of customers.  You may enter :

1. Contact information including billing and shipping address

2. Customer type categories can be created for your customers.  For example:  Home Party, Craft Fair, JCK Show, New England, etc.  You will be able to sort and filter by these categories on customer and sales reports.  

3. Pricing: the price the customer receives on the Invoice – wholesale, direct, or retail.

4. Sales:  Sales that have been entered on an Invoice.


Customer Info and Sales form

Customer Quicklist Form

You can view all your customers on one form in the Customer Quicklist.

  1. Filter on one Customer using the Filter By Customer drop-down box
  2. Sort on columns
  3. View sales
  4. Click on View/Edit Selected Customer(s) to open the Customer Info and Sales detail form
  5. Print the list as it is filter and/or sorted
Customer Quicklist Form

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