Import Part Purchase from Excel

We have created an Excel template to make it easier to add parts and part purchases into the JDM Premier Plus without having to do data entry.  If your vendor can send you the order as an Excel spreadsheet then be sure to make sure the columns match our template before you import.  We can also help you import data from some other jewelry software programs.

The template is available to download on the Import Data form under Preferences.

The Import will create new part categories, new vendors and new parts if they do not already exist.  If a Part already exists then the import will add the purchase to the part.


Part Purchase Excel Template

Click on the link to download the template and save it to a folder on your computer.  Compare your spreadsheet to the template.  Please be sure that the column names and order is the same.

Do not enter any text in fields that are $ or numbers.  There should be data in all required fields (column header in red).



Importing Data from Excel

1.  Click on the Import Data From Excel command button.

2.  Locate the folder and Excel file that you wish to import.

3.  Click Open.



Check the Excel File for Errors

The Excel file will open and you can view the data before importing and make any necessary changes.

Click on OK to Import.

Important! The import cannot be reversed.  We recommend that you back up your data using the Back Up form before you begin.




Error During Import – Pending Data

If the Import cannot import any data you will see a Pending table with the errors in red.  You can correct the errors and Import again.

Select any rows you wish to delete and click on Remove.

When all data is imported there will be a message: “Your data is imported successfully.”


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