How to Start Using JDM

There is one sample jewerly piece and three sample parts in the program to help you get started.  You can delete these records but you have to delete the piece before the parts.  Or you can write over the information with your own.

To get a good feel for the program we recommend that you start with one of your jewelry pieces – something simple – perhaps a best-seller or a piece that you are making right now:

  1. Add the Jewelry Parts that were used to make the piece
  2. Add the Jewelry Piece, select the parts used, add labor, other costs to accurately cost and price the piece. Add a picture of the piece.
  3. Print reports such as Part Inventory, Piece Inventory and Line Sheet to see if you the data you have entered and how it will print on the reports.


Many of our customers purchase this program after years of making jewelry and may have a large inventory of parts.  It can be overwhelming just thinking about entering all the purchase information especially if sales receipts are not handy. There is no rule that says you have to enter all your parts before you can enter jewelry pieces.  If you need a Line Sheet or Invoice right away then you can add jewelry pieces and skip the Part section on the Jewelry Assembly Pricing form.  Enter the selling price, add a picture and your piece is ready to be sold.  Of course, the program will not be able to give you suggested selling prices because there is no cost of materials, however, you can always go back and fill that in later.  This method allows you to have the reports you need to look professional and help you sell your jewelry right away.

Open the Preferences  form to enter the business name, logo and contact information that will be printed on all reports that go to customers as well as pricing, sales tax rate, and other default settings in the program.

Main Menu

When you first open the Jewelry Designer Manager (JDM) program you will see the Main Menu.  Click on the command buttons to open the different forms or you can click on the Menu Bar at the top of all forms to go to another form.  

Contact information for Technical Support is listed on the left Sidebar. Click on the link to open and send an Email to Technical Support.

Main Menu

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