Etsy Integration

Jewelry Designer Manager Premier Plus allows you to import sales data from Etsy.  You can download a CSV file from Etsy with details of each order.  The customers and orders will be added and inventory updated.


Export Sales Data from Etsy

1. Log in to your Etsy account and go to Settings -> Options -> Download Data.

2.  Choose the month and click on:  Download a CSV file and save the file to a folder on your computer.





Add Etsy Listing ID to Jewelry Pieces

Each Jewelry Piece that is listed on Etsy must have the Etsy Listing ID entered on the Jewelry Piece – Assembly Pricing form.  If there is not a matching ID then the sales data will not be imported.

You can find the Listing ID on the CSV file and when you view the Etsy listing. The ID will be listed in the URL.




Import Etsy Order Items

Important! The import cannot be reversed. We recommend that you back up your data before importing in case you want to go back.

Open Jewelry Designer Manager Premier Plus and go to Preferences – > Import Etsy Data.

Click on Import Etsy Sales Order and locate the CSV file.  Select Open.

The file that will be imported will open.  Any items that do not have a corresponding Etsy Listing ID in JDM will be highlighted in Red and will not import. Click on Cancel to add the listing ID’s to all jewelry pieces on the spreadsheet and import again..

Please note that the Buyer field is imported into the Customer first name and last name. The Ship Name field will be imported into the Ship To field.  There may be orders where the buyer and ship to are different people.  If the Buyer field is incomplete you may want to edit the spreadsheet so that the fields import with more information in JDM.  For example: the buyer name in the Etsy CSV file may be:  B(Barb123).  Only B will be imported into the First Name field in Customer. You may leave it as is or change the B to Barb. – it’s up to you.

Click on OK to import.  The customers and invoices will be added and jewelry piece inventory will be updated.



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