Creating a Bill of Materials

The Bill of Materials form allows you to enter jewelry piece items that need to be created for an order.  The reports on the form will:

– list all jewelry pieces on the BOM with the total sales amount at wholesale, direct and retail prices.

– list all parts needed in summary to make the pieces with number in stock and the amount that needs to be re-ordered.  

– list all parts with detailed purchase information grouped by Vendor or by Category.

– print an assembly report for each jewelry piece item on th BOM – with or without prices showing

BOM Form

BOM Form

Bom for Sales Invoices

In JDM Premier Plus you can create a BOM Parts List report for one or more Invoices which are selected from the Reports form.

1. Select the Sales reports under Report Groups.

2. Select the BOM for Sales Invoice report.

3. Select the Invoices.

4. Print to view the Parts List Report for the list of Invoices and Parts needed for all items on the invoices summarized, number in stock and the amount needed to reorder.

Bom for Sales Invoices

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