Backing Up and Restoring Data in JDM Premier and Premier Plus

Please be sure to back up your data on a regular basis especially before making any changes to your computer.

You must backup your data before installing an update.  Installing a Software Update will overwrite all your data!


Backup JDM Premier Using the Backup/Restore Form Under Preferences

1. Select the Backup Destination Folder by clicking on the Browse button.

The default folder for your backups is the Documents folder.  The Backup will create a new folder named JDMPremierBackup_YearMonthDate_Time.  This naming system will help you keep track of your backups and allow you to have many backups in the same folder.  Just by looking at the folder name you can see the Date and Time when your data was backed up.

To remove the previous path click on the Clear command to the right of the path.

2.  Click on: Back up Now to create the back up. Wait until you get the message that the backup was successful before closing the form.

In the example below my data will be backed up to the Documents folder.  Afterwards you will see a backup named:  JDMPremierBackUp_20141113_1816_PM  It was backed up on 11/13/2014 at 6:16 pm. (by using this naming convention YearMoDay the files will sort in chronological order in the folder)


Restore Data Using the Backup/Restore Form Under Preferences

1.  Select the Folder to Restore by clicking on the Browse button next to Restore From the Previously Backed up Folder.  The default folder for saving backups is the Documents folder.  The backup Folders are named JDMPremierBackup_YearMonthDate_Time.   Select the folder and click on Open.   (do not open the folder)

2.  Click on Restore Now.

In the example below the backup named:  JDMPremierBackup_20141113_1816_PM will be restored.

Important! Restoring a backup will completely overwrite the existing data.


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