Jewelry Designer Manager Premier – Update Instructions and Release Notes

Jewelry Designer Manager Premier


In keeping with our tradition of providing you with great products and ongoing customer service, we strive to improve the Jewelry Designer Manager Premier by adding features and fixing bugs.  We recommend that you update to the latest version and follow these instructions.


Software Updates are free for one year from purchase. After one year please purchase Maintenance on the Support page.

Locate your Activation Key before you update. You will have to enter it when you first open the program. The key is located on the Order Confirmation or on the jewel case and is in the program on the Preferences/License Info form.

IMPORTANT – You must back up your data before you install JDM Premier. Installing will overwrite all the existing data! We recommend backing up your data on a regular basis but it is mandatory before installing any updates or making changes to your computer.

1.  Back Up Your Data

  • Open Jewelry Designer Manager Premier and click on Preferences>Backup and Restore Data. Select the Backup Destination Folder. The Default folder is: Documents.
  • Click on Backup Now. There will be a new folder named: JDMPremierBackup_YearMoDate_Time in the Documents folder. (This will be the folder to restore after you update)

2.  Uninstall Jewelry Designer Manager Premier

3.  Download and Install Jewelry Designer Manager Premier  from the Software Updates page on the website.

4.  Open Jewelry Designer Manager Premier and Restore your Data

  • Click on Preferences/Backup and Restore Data.
  • In Restore a Backup click on Browse and Select the Backup folder that was created when you backed up your data.


List of Changes/Fixes:

Version 6.00 8/5/2018

  1. Phone format fixed for international numbers.
  2. Discontinued items sort to bottom of Find Part/Piece drop-down boxes.
  3. Fixed Link to Online User Guide.

Version 6.00 2/19/2018

  1.  No longer requires Java to be installed on computer.  Importing from JDM Pro or JDM Deluxe is not available.  We can do it for you.

Version 5.00 10/23/2017  (Mac version only)

  1.  Upgraded Jewelry Designer Manager Premier to be compatible on macOS High Sierra.

Version 5.00 9/25/2017

  1. Fixed: Sales By Piece Reports: Discontinued Jewelry Pieces were not showing on the reports.

Version 4.00 6/15/2017

  1. Fixed: Customer form – Copying shipping address zip code showed as ?
  2. Fixed: Jewelry Assembly/Pricing form – When selecting parts the Discontinued Parts now sorting at bottom of list.
  3. Report form: Parts group – added option to sort list by PartID in Descending order.
  4. Report form: Jewelry Parts Reports – add option to sort list by Part ID in descending order.
  5. Fixed: Jewelry Assembly/Pricing form – currency symbol for the Total Labor Cost field.
  6. Fixed: Jewelry Assembly/Pricing form – Vendor Item# not showing if part was selected in other tabs.

Version 3.00 10/21/2016

  1. Fixed: Starter data file extra records in Vendor table.
  2. Fixed: Customer and Vendors opening form returns to last visited record.

Version 2.00 8/23/2016

  1. Fixed: Jewelry Piece Quicklist Column sorting. If Item# is sorted Piece Name is 2nd sort.
  2. Fixed: Invoice Report – When printing from Report form Message field prints.
  3. Fixed: Part Catalog Reports: parts with no purchases are showing on report.
  4. Fixed: Invoice – if date is changed the new date is printing on reports.
  5. Changed: Jewelry Parts form – Part Purchase History section: # of Units field was made wider.
  6. Fixed: Jewelry Parts form: Add/Edit purchase: Clicking on Vendor opens the correct vendor.
  7. Fixed: Currency Symbol restored after backup.
  8. Fixed: Jewelry Piece Cost with Markups Report is now exporting to Excel.

Let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements or comments.

Thank you!



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