I am so proud to spotlight Laurie Wetterschneider as a featured jewelry designer.  Laurie has been a customer since 2003!  Her valuable feedback and suggestions helped us make many changes to Jewelry Designer Manager.  It has been wonderful to watch her jewelry business take off and grow over the years. Laurie is truly an inspiration!   I love her tagline: “The world is your oyster when you wear our pearls.”  In her own words…

Laurie and Lisa Designs

In 2003 my sister, Lisa Peterson and I started Laurie and Lisa Designs. Our purpose was to design and make jewelry and to give proceeds to charities within the communities in which we both lived. During the past 15 years we have donated over 2 million dollars in jewelry/funds to charities all over the United States. We both have learned a great deal about the needs of communities throughout our own cities as well as those throughout the country.  It has and continues to be a passion for us to share our talents with the many old and new friends we have made throughout the years.

Lisa and her husband John have raised two sons who are now in graduate school.  My husband and I have expanded our life to include time in both Tucson, AZ where we have lived for over four decades to spending time at our home in Carmel, CA the past 12 years.

Lisa learned about Jewelry Designer Manager when we first started our jewelry business and thankfully we purchased the program.  It has been an invaluable tool for us as it provides not only cost information on each piece, but the financial information for our accountant on a monthly basis. I truly do not know what we would have done without this fabulous program and the superb support provided all these years by Barbara Carleton!

The past 15 years have seen many changes in retail, and the expansion of people purchasing through the Internet. Our company was founded on personal service, as we began with my doing some 75 Trunk Shows a year at Canyon Ranch Spa in Tucson, AZ.  I met wonderful customers from all over the world who are still purchasing from us.  As the world’s buying habits have changed so have our lives.  We are doing more and more custom pieces as well as selling through our website: LaurieandLisaDesigns.com.  Thank you Jewelry Designer Manager for being there from the start of our business!

Laurie Wetterschneider
Laurie and Lisa Designs

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