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Selling Handmade Jewelry at Craft Fairs and Art Shows

  Perhaps you are already selling handmade jewelry at craft fairs and art shows but not enjoying great sales. Maybe you want to expand your reach from your Etsy sales pages or your website's shop and enter the realm of the real world? No matter where you are in...

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Protect your Jewelry Business Software

After you have set up your jewelry business software you want to make sure that the data is safe. Viruses, malware, power failure and hard drive problems can occur at any time. We strongly recommend that you back up your computer on a regular basis.  It is also wise...

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Help When You Need It

Jewelry Designer Manager - Inventory Software for Jewelry Designers Business software is a terrific tool, but it can also be frustrating! It's not that the software is unnecessarily complex. The true reason is that business processes are quite naturally complex -...

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Tips for Success in Selling Handmade Jewelry

  We know how challenging it can be when you get ready to begin selling handmade jewelry. You go to all of the big websites like Etsy and even Amazon's new "Handmade at Amazon," and you sort of freeze up. After all, how on earth are you going to compete with so...

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Selling Jewelry as Therapy?

If you speak with anyone who regularly designs and creates jewelry, you will hear them describe it as a peaceful and relaxing endeavor. Certainly, most are interested in selling jewelry online and building a nice reputation and business, but there is more to the act...

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Liven Up Your Language When Selling Jewelry

It can be frustrating for a dedicated artisan to create their beautiful handmade jewelry only to struggle with also writing artful and comprehensive product descriptions and marketing language. After all, you might reasonably think, isn't it enough that my jewelry is...

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Learning How to Sell Handmade Jewelry Online

While heading to craft fairs, flea markets, and partnering with local "brick and mortar" establishments are wonderful ways to sell handmade jewelry, you can really expand your audience when you learn how to sell handmade jewelry online. In fact, if you do it right,...

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Be Sure to Tell Your Story To Sell Jewelry Online

An article in The New York Times looked at the links between the neuroscience of the human brain when exposed to fiction and more successful marketing. Calling it the "value of fiction", the article explained that detailed descriptions, linear narratives, and language...

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How to Sell Jewelry With Strong Images and Words

How to Sell Jewelry with Strong Images and Words If you do any research about how to sell jewelry, or how to sell almost anything really, you will find that there are still some outdated marketing methods being recommended. From print advertising and radio spots to...

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