How to Start A Jewelry Business?

Jewelry Software designed by a computer programmer for her own small jewelry business.

Barbara Carleton

CEO and Developer

Bejeweled Software Company was founded in 2001 by Barbara Carleton. At the time she was a part-time jewelry designer and full-time software developer. Barbara put both skills to work to create a software program that she could use to help her start a jewelry business.

One day while visiting an online forum, Barbara realized that many other jewelry designers were asking the same question, “How do I price my jewelry and keep track of inventory?”

“It was at that point that I knew I had a software concept that would be a benefit to other jewelry designers” recalls Barbara. She continued to develop her program making it user-friendly and intuitive. “I wanted the program to be very easy to use so that people with very little computer skills would be able to use it and be productive right away,” said Barbara.

The Jewelry Designer Manager software program was first released in 2001 with a new version, the Pro, added in 2003 and the Deluxe in 2005. The Premier for Mac was released in 2014. “Our customers give us feedback and suggestions on how to improve the program and we try to implement as many features as possible. Our goal now is to help our customers with all aspects of the jewelry business.

Bejeweled Software Company is located in San Diego.

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