If you do any research about how to sell jewelry, or how to sell almost anything really, you will find that there are still some outdated marketing methods being recommended. From print advertising and radio spots to the use of keyword saturated text, some marketing methods just won’t provide you with the best outcomes.

If you truly want to learn how to sell jewelry, you have to understand today’s consumer market, and two of the most important details about them:

  1. The modern consumer would rather “see” than “hear” or be told about something
  2. The modern consumer won’t give the same amount of time to any sort of marketing as they once did in the past

What those two points really mean to anyone who wants to discover how to sell jewelry is that they have to sell with strong images and words, and they have to do so as quickly and concisely as they can. The phrase “compelling content” is often used when people discuss the best blogs or websites, and this is something that no jewelry designer should ignore.

If you are truly dedicated to selling jewelry online as your primary source of income or as a full-time career, you too must become the creator of compelling content in addition to high quality and popular jewelry.

Using Strong Images

That may seem wildly unfair. After all, isn’t it enough to be an excellent designer and maker of jewelry? Don’t feel too badly about this…all artisans and business owners must now wear the hat of marketer too. Fortunately, there are many resources that can help you in this endeavor. From software made to support every part of selling jewelry online to articles like this, describing how to sell jewelry successfully, you can get the information you need to succeed.

Because the world has gone mobile, your first step in learning how to sell jewelry like a champ is to learn how to photograph your pieces effectively. This is more than just a nice shot of your designs, though. The images have to be in line with the rest of your “aesthetics”.

For example, there are many studies now showing that consumers want a more direct relationship with the companies from which they purchase just about everything…including jewelry. Part of creating that relationship is offering your audience images and text that build an emotional bond between them and your product.

Photographically, you need to style each image in a way that meets your audience’s needs and likes. For instance, if you are using raw semi-precious stones and making earthier jewelry, you cannot photograph it in a cold or clinical way. You will need to create clear images that also enhance that sense of earthiness and warmth.

Whatever the overarching “story” or aesthetic of your designs, the photographs that will help your jewelry sell best are those that stimulate that same tone or mood. You can see this by perusing the online artisan sites, websites of popular jewelers, and social media galleries like Pinterest.

Describe Accurately But Colorfully

Naturally, when learning how to sell jewelry most effectively, you also have to understand how to describe the items. Though straightforward text is always good, leave that for the more formal “specifications” areas rather than the “on page” descriptors. Use these spaces to quickly hook your readers with colorful and creative wording that conveys emotional and stimulating ideas. For example, the opal pendant is “touched with fire” or the dangle earrings, “dance at your jaw line”.

Well made images supported by impressive and yet compelling text are part of the new way of speaking to your audience. Always keep this in mind and you should have no trouble selling jewelry competitively and building a dedicated following.

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