Affiliate Program

Free money!  Just tell your friends.

Your referrals are our greatest compliment and we’d like to thank you in return. Become a Jewelry Designer Manager Affiliate and every time one of your referrals purchases you will receive $25.  Here’s how it works:

Sign up

When you sign up as an affiliate you will receive an email from us welcoming you to our affiliate program.  This email will contain your unique referral link and a login link to your Affiliate Dashboard.


The Affiliate Dashboard is where you can share your link via email and social media with a single click.



For example, when you click the Facebook button, you’ll automatically be forwarded over to Facebook with a new post pre-populated and your affiliate link already embedded!  You can add a personal note or recommendation if you like – or you can simply click “Post” to get the message up on your Wall immediately.   You will be able to share your link often with friends and colleagues.  It really couldn’t be any easier.



The Affiliate Dashboard is also where you can grab marketing materials like banner ads for your website or blog. The banners will already have your affiliate link embedded.  You can simply copy the HTML and paste it to your site.



You can easily track your progress and see how many of your referrals have purchased and how much you have made in commissions. There is also an app for your iPhone or Android.

Earn $

The more you share, the more you earn – there’s no limit to the amount you can get.  What are you waiting for?  Start making money on referrals today!



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