Need some fresh ideas? We’ve compiled 15 of the hottest, hippest design blogs for you to peruse, and gain jewelry design inspiration for your next piece, or whole collection.

Jewelry Making Daily

features daily posts for the latest jewelry design trends, DIY projects, how-to videos, and free resources to help you take your business to the next level.

Andrea Hill


Andrea is one of our favorite bloggers, and her Arts, Craft, and Design blog features jewelry design inspiration from art and paintings. Additionally, she shares some of her favorite books and resources to inspire the artist’s soul.

Flourish & Thrive Blog

Flourish and Thrive not only shares great jewelry design inspiration, but their blog also features great tips on running a successful jewelry business. The blog is owned by two friends, one a jewelry designer, and the other a brand maven, their posts are perfect for growing your collection, and your list of customers.

The Cut


A self-proclaimed jewelry blog “without the chintz”, The Cut covers the latest in London’s jewelry design inspiration. Their simple post format features glossy images of stunning rings and earrings that are sure to inspire your next collection of baubbles.

Gem Gossip

Gem Gossip is an image-based blog that features antique finds, modern trends, and classic statement pieces. The blog travels around the world hunting for unique finds and shops, as well as writing about the business side of the jewelry business by featuring Q&As with shop owners.

Jewels du Jour


Jewels du Jour posts incredible jewelry design inspiration every day! Just try and resist subscribing to her latest and greatest pieces from around the world.


The Koliero is your best source for jewelry design inspirations straight from the runways. Her photography is like being in the front row of Fashion Week around the world.

The Jewellery Editor


Specializing in jewelry design inspiration for jewelry and watches, The Jewellery Editor has all the greatest European styles before they hit the U.S. They also have a newsletter that features in-depth features with video coverage and interviews of your favorite pieces and jewelry designers. This blog is sure to become a regular read.


iDazzle gives you a behind the scenes view of the jewelry business.  Her posts truly run the gammut from the jewelry design inspiration behind the metals and gems, to the stories of jewelry designers, and reporting on trends.

Wendy Brandes


Wendy’s blog is fun, hip, and exames jewelry as an extension of the fashion industry. She is also a great inspiration to follow if you want to see how to successfully use your blog to attract people to your brand and collections.

Street Bauble

Street Bauble is your source for jewelry design inspiration and business insights for designers, like her personal experience at artisan fairs. In her own words, “I might tell you about live fairs and markets I attend. I might pontificate on the beauty of buying handmade.”

The Carrotbox


The Carrotbox is your jewelry design inspiration for all things rings.  The posts feature unique ring trends, as well as abstract pieces that take rings to the furthest extent of the imagination.


Love gold jewelry? So does this blog! Their posts travel the world for the most beautiful pieces, the designers creating them, and the people wearing them.

Adorn London

Adorn is the self-proclaimed “essential trend forecasting and market intelligence for the jewelry industry”. Their jewelry design inspiration ranges from couture to costume across their daily posts.



Gem-a-Porter is a must for catching jewelry design inspiration from around the world.

Did we leave any of your favorites off this list? Share it with us in the comments below!


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