Jewelry Software for Inventory, Pricing and Selling Jewelry




Jewelry Software to Help Manage Your Jewelry Business

Do you love making jewelry but wonder how to keep track of jewelry inventory, accurately price and manage customers and sales?

Whether you are just starting out or have been selling for years this easy-to-use jewelry software program will help you be organized, look professional and be successful.

For Mac and Windows

Compatible on both operating systems. JDM Premier Plus is optimized for iPad.

Outstanding Value

Hundreds of features at an affordable price. No monthly fees! Based in the U.S. Personal and fast technical support via telephone, email or remote.

Tried, Tested and Trusted

Bejeweled Software Company released Jewelry Designer Manager in 2001 and we are still going strong! Distributed by Rio Grande, Fire Mountain Gems and Jewelry Television.

Track Jewelry Inventory

Keep detailed part purchase information including date, cost, vendor, Item/Style# and shipping costs.

Manage Part and Finished Jewelry Inventory

Part purchases are added to inventory and removed when used in finished pieces. Know exactly what you have in stock, what needs to be re-ordered and the value of all your parts and finished pieces. Great at tax time!


Price Jewelry Accurately

Calculate cost of materials, labor and mark up.  Know exactly what it cost to make each piece.  No more guessing!

Sell Jewelry at a Profit

Get suggested prices for selling jewelry at three price levels: wholesale, direct and retail.  Instantly see your profit! learn-more-Button

Create reports to help sell jewelry

Dozens of reports to choose from to show off your line. Select the report and the items and print.  Reports can be saved as PDFs to email to your customers.

Look Professional

Impress customers with your beautiful line sheet, price list and invoice with your logo and pictures of your jewelry designs.  Look like a Pro! learn-more-Button

Manage your jewelry business efficiently

Dozens of reports to choose from to help manage your jewelry business from purchasing jewelry supplies to making and selling jewelry.  Labels for part storage containers.

Do better business!

Know your inventory value, costs, best selling pieces, best customers and profit.  Great at tax time! learn-more-Button

Additional Features in Jewelry Designer Manager Premier Plus

For the advanced jewelry designer: Consignment, Import part purchases and print jewelry price tags with barcodes.  Print beautiful look books on

Sell jewelry on Shopify, Etsy and Facebook

Integration with Shopify, Facebook and Etsy.  Export your piece information to your Shopify store. Post your jewelry pieces to Facebook and import sales from Etsy and update inventory.  Perfect for selling jewelry online!


Purchase includes one year of free technical support and software updates.

I’ve been a jewelry artist since 1976 and I wish it had been possible to have a program like this when I first started. I can’t imagine running a jewelry business without it now. It’s become the foundation of everything I need to do in terms of tracking parts, pieces, vendors, customers, retail stores and more. It is by far, the best system for keeping organized. I’ve been using this software since it first became available and made my way up from the basic program, to Deluxe and now JDM Premier Plus. Not only does it grow with the times and technology, but the support and customer service are unsurpassed. If you are serious about your jewelry, a professional or a hobbyist this is a must have software program. I highly recommend it.

Nancy Troske

Nancy Troske Jewelry

I support myself and family by making jewelry. I rely on Jewelry Design Manager for pricing and inventory control. Because of JDM I have been able to organize my inventory to a greater degree than any other time in the 86 years my family has made jewelry. I have used JDM for many years and have been able to start slow and build my existing business around JDM so that the learning curve was flat and ability of an old established business to computerize was slow and easy. I utilize JDM everyday and price all my pieces through it. Barbara Carleton has always, always, been very helpful and timely in helping me with any and all questions. I don’t know what I’d do with out JDM and Barbara and cannot recommend it enough.

Sam Patania

S Patania Jewelry

I simply love Jewelry Designer Manager!!! It is wonderful software, super user-friendly and does it all you would require for your business from inventory management to barcoding to making beautiful line sheets and invoices & memo with images. Also the customer service we get for this software is simply amazing. I can’t brag enough for Barbara, the creator of the software who is always on top for taking care of her clients requests and getting it all done right away. Simply I love JDM and would highly recommend this software to all. It is simply wonderful and I totally love it.

Puja Bordia


In 2003 my sister, Lisa Peterson and I began our jewelry design and manufacturing business, Laurie and Lisa Designs. Almost at the onset Lisa (who is also an attorney) suggested that we purchase the JDM program. I contacted JDM and was immediately impressed by the incredible knowledge and support provided by Barbara Carleton. She is truly the most wonderful vendor that I have ever worked with. In 2009 my business computer crashed and I lost much of my JDM. Barbara worked with me and my IT person to resurrect as much of it as possible. Her calm, supportive demeanor, coupled with her great knowledge of the program, literally saved my business! I cannot recommend JDM enough to any and all jewelry designers!

Laurie Wetterschneider

Laurie and Lisa Designs

Your software is absolutely amazing. My entire business is coming together before my eyes and without straining my record keeping skills. The Look Book report is fantastic for outreach. Thank goodness I found your web page and purchased the program. I couldn’t be more delighted with my business decision to go with Jewelry Designer Manager Premier Plus. Kudos!!

Deborah Jerez

Arete de Jerez Jewelry

Your company and customer service is number one. I have always been surprised how quickly I get a response if I do have an issue, which is rarely.  I will continue with your product as long as I’m making jewelry.

Linda Wharton

Ancient Elements Design

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